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Pokemon Evolutions October 28th 2016
Starting Monday October 31st (Halloween)
We will be selling the new Pokemon Evolutions!

This set is amazing to say the least.
We broke 7 boxes and averaged $200 or better per box!

Mention this ad discount in the store and you can get a booster box at $109.99,
Regular priced $143.99

You will not be disappointed in this set, it will be a huge hit. They went back to the original Pokemon set and made them even better!

Stop in Monday, we open 12pm (Noon) until 4pm!
Moved into the New Location! October 25th 2016
We moved this past weekend!
We are still in the same mall, just 4 doors down!

The old suite 131 and we are now in 135!
Located right next to The Quilt Cove and Slimgenics.

If you go to the old location door and look to your right we are right in the corner!

Leaner and meaner!
MTG Kaladesh September 29th 2016
We are doing it again!

Kaladesh Fat Pack (Now 10 packs per!) and a Booster Box (36 packs)

Get the two for $129.99 while the supply lasts!

This is an amazing deal!
Get this and crack for a chance at a new Invention card!

DC Rebirth MIDNIGHT OPEN PARTY May 24th 2016
We are open tonight at midnight for the start party for the new DC Rebirth #1

We will be able to sell all of Wednesday comics this early in the wee morning!

Stop in and get your copy of DC Rebirth #1 today! Er, well tonight!
New Summer Hours April 18th 2016
We for the summer are shifting a few hours down and out!

Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays We are now closing at 4pm

Thank you!
MARVEL Essentials April 12th 2016
We have a great new selection of Marvel Essential Graphic Novels!

Come on in and get your super deal on these things!

Priced at $3.99:
Iron Man Vol. 5
Ghost Rider Vol.2

Priced at $2.99:
Defenders Vol.4
Defenders Vol.6
Daredevil Vol.4
Daredevil Vol.6
Captain America Vol.3
Captain America Vol.4
Captain America Vol.6
Captain America Vol.7
Classic X-Men Vol.2
Doctor Strange Vol.3
X-Factory Vol.2
Marvel Two-In-One The Thing Vol.4
Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man Vol.5


Shadows of Innistrad April 07th 2016
We are giving a great deal here!
While supplies last you can stop in and get..

1 Booster Box and 1 Fat Pack for $139.99

Yu-Gi-Oh! Wing Raiders February 23rd 2016
We have these boxes specialed at only $49.99
Come on in and get these while supplies last!
New Products February 16th 2016
We got a lot of Marvel Essentials and Graphic Novel Omnibus in!
Stop in and check this new stuff out!

Dead Pool Tacos February 10th 2016
We have so many types of Vinyl Pop Figures!
Come in and see the island setup for all of these little guys.

Graphic Novel-a-palooza! January 26th 2016
We got a great new stock of graphic novels in from Marvel!
These are marked at priced to sell, first come first win sales point!

Available now, get in here and grab them while you can!
Great selection of large Hard Cover Graphic Novels!

Oath of the Gatewatch January 21st 2016
We are offering a great deal here!

Available Friday January 22nd 2016

While supplies last we will be selling a package deal of
1 Booster Box and 1 Fatpack of Oath of the Gatewatch for $139.99 (+tax)

99cent Comic Deals November 30th 2015
Steve plowed over the new comic shelves and dropped a lot into the 99cent bins!

Come in and take a look at the new selection, what deals!
Legendary Status August 25th 2015

We have the new Marvel Legends in stock and on the walls!

Build-A-Figure Rhino (Spider-Man) Series (6 Figures)
Chameleon, Scarlet Spider, Superior Venom, White Tiger, Misty Knight, Kraven the Hunter, Ghost Rider


Build-A-Figure Hulk-Buster Iron Man (6 Figures)
Thundra, Valkyrie, War Machine, Vision, Blizzard, Dr.Strange, Iron Man

These new Marvel Legend figure are so very awesome and Hasbro is taking their time in production!

DC Fanatical Action Figures! July 22nd 2015
We have obtained a new collection of DC Action Figures!
These are all brand new and from Diamond DC Collectibles.

Hundreds of New 52 and newer figures, boxed, nice and the best part is the prices of what we are selling these!

Come in and get your favorite DC Character today!

Graphic Novels Galore! June 23rd 2015
We have got in a 8 long box selection of..
BRAND NEW Marvel Graphic Novels!

Great selection of titles across the Marvel pages.
These prices are set to move, come in and take a look!

Huge MINIATURES! June 12th 2015
We have got the new Pathfinder Miniatures!
There is also a new home for all miniatures in the store!
The White Transformer Case now holds all D&D/Pathfinder and Star Wars Miniatures!

Stop in and see this new set, it is so cool!

Party like its 1969 March 22nd 2015
Sunday Spotlight Item

We got this in this weekend, a cool and well kept drink mixer from 1969

Go Go Girl Drink Mixer

Pop in batteries, pour a drink, set it in her waist carry and press the button!
She does her dance and mixes your drink!

Any well respected bar needs this item! You will NOT find one of these in this good of condition anywhere else!
Vidya Games March 20th 2015
It looks like someone just Leveled Up!

We had a very nice and needed restock buy on video games!

All sorts of older systems and games.

NES, SNES, Genesis, Saturn

Lots of games and a few new systems to add to the collection!

We will be pricing and stocking these all on the floor in the next few days!

Update: 03/23/2015 We have priced all these and they are out on the floor!
A good mix of both rare game and a few hard to find titles from the early days of console gaming!
Autographed Snakes March 19th 2015
Sunday Spotlight Item

While digging through some ancient files hidden away for years,
we unearthed a nice little find.

Right now these two are on our eBay store and able to be purchased by phone if interested. Stop in and take a look at these two awesome incentive CrossGen comics!

These two comic books are of the Snake Plissken Chronicles by John Carpenter

One is autographed by John Carpenter himself,
the other is autographed by Kurt Russell!

Along with the two autographs each is also signed by William ONeill and Tone Rodriguez

Amazing double comic book incentive from back in the early years of 2003!
Who watches the watch man? March 15th 2015
We changed our Store Hours!

Mondays are now closing at 5pm
Wednesdays are now opening at 10am

Able to stop in even earlier to get your new comics and toys on Wednesday releases!

Along with the new hours is the new store hours sign in the front window.
Able to see from across the parking lot, or by satellite.